9 May 2013

Dotcom claim disputed by US attorney-general

9:56 pm on 9 May 2013

America's attorney-general Eric Holder has disputed Kim Dotcom's claims that the US government is kowtowing to Hollywood.

The US is seeking the internet entrepreneur's extradition to face internet copyright charges.

Mr Dotcom has said that the governement is trying to prosecute the MegaUpload site because it is at the beck and call of Hollywood.

Eric Holder is in New Zealand for a meeting of attorneys-general. He told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme on Thursday he did not want to talk about the Dotcom case in general, but the prosecution is legitimate and Mr Dotcom is breaking the law.

Mr Holder said he is pleased with the cooperation from New Zealand on the matter and hopes that extradition proceedings against Mr Dotcom will proceed in line with existing treaties between the two countries.

But a lawyer for Kim Dotcom said described Mr Holder's comments as "absolute rubbish" Bob Amsterdam said the case against his client is a perversion of the law and has no regard for legal precedence.