7 May 2013

Pacific leaders have doubts about Wellington supercity

9:17 am on 7 May 2013

Some Pacific local body politicians in Wellington say a supercity would leave their communities worse off.

Pacific people make up about 8% of the Greater Wellington population but have only four councillors - three in Porirua and one in Hutt City.

Public consultation on proposals for a single council for the region ended on Friday.

Porirua City councillor Wayne Poutoa says a single council would mean even fewer Pacific representatives, and less attention to the needs of Pacific communities.

A deputy chair of the Wellington City Council's Pacific advisory group, Anthony Leaupepe, says the solution is a Pacific voting ward for greater Wellington.

But long-serving Porirua councillor Litea Ah Hoi says Porirua has shown it can elect Pacific councillors and should be able to do it for a single regional council.