6 May 2013

Disability parking cheats 'named and shamed'

11:50 am on 6 May 2013

Support groups are split over whether to back a new Facebook page set up to name and shame people who park illegally in disability parking spaces.

The page, set up anonymously and entitled 'You've got my car park, want my disability too?' has received nearly 2000 likes.

It encourages people to photograph cars that don't display a mobility parking permit, and post the pictures.

Eighty-eight photos have been posted of sedans, vans, courier vehicles, a Lamborghini and even a police car parked in the spaces.

CCS Disability Action acting chief executive Kate Cosgriff says the organisation does not advise people to take such direct action, as those who confront motorists can be verbally abused.

But Age Concern chief executive Ann Martin says the Facebook page is a good idea and more regular checking of the carparks is needed and tougher penalties for those who park illegally.

The man who created the page, who wants to be known only as 'M', says people taking photos are warned to leave the area if they are abused as their safety comes first.

There are 100,000 mobility parking permit holders, of whom three-quarters are aged over 65. The fine for being parked illegally on a roadside disabled car park is $150.