2 May 2013

Scientists critical of funding decision

10:29 am on 2 May 2013

Some scientists say the latest round of Government science funding fails to address climate change.

The 10 national science challenges include harnessing science to sustain health and well-being in ageing, improving land and water quality, and developing resilience to natural disasters.

An independent panel recommended the challenges to the Government after submissions from the public and the scientific community.

But James Renwick said the challenges lack innovation and he questioned why climate change does not have its own category.

And Dr Siouxsie Wiles, who specialises in infectious diseases, said she is amazed infectious diseases were not considered a funding priority.

$73 million will be invested in the 10 areas over the next four years, on top of $60 million the Government has already committed

Association of Scientists president Shaun Hendy said the extra money will do good work, but he was looking for something a bit more original.

Professor Hendy said one of the important things about science is that progress is made when risks are taken, and that not all science produces immediate results.