22 Mar 2013

Diesel supplies low in South Island

1:04 pm on 22 March 2013

Diesel supplies are running low throughout the South Island.

An outage at the Marsden Point refinery in Northland and late crude oil deliveries have left some service stations in Christchurch out of diesel.

The refinery produces 70% to 80% of the country's diesel supply; the rest is imported.

Z Energy says its diesel reserves are very tight across the South Island, but it can meet demand.

In Christchurch, at least five Mobil service stations said they did not have diesel on Friday.

A worker at the Sydenham station said it has not had any for a day or two - and even he does not know how he would get home.

The Mobil station at Wigram said it has some diesel left, but it is reserved for emergency services.

The Marsden Point refinery also produces jet fuel. Wellington Airport said on Friday it is not aware of any supply problems yet but it is monitoring the situation.

Energy Minister Simon Bridges said the shortage is not serious and the industry should deal with it on Friday.