1 Feb 2013

Impact of substance in deer velvet unknown yet

5:43 am on 1 February 2013

Drug Free Sport New Zealand says it is too early to say what sort of impact the presence of a banned growth hormone in some deer velvet products could have on professional athletes in this country.

Fijian golfer Vijay Singh has admitted he uses a deer velvet spray which contains the hormone called IGF-1.

The hormone is on the banned list for most sports and the US Professional Golf Association is investigating.

Sir Bob Charles said on Thursday he has been using deer velvet capsules for his general health for the past 20 years and he had no idea they could contain a banned substance.

Drug Free Sport chief executive Graeme Steel said it is likely that not all deer velvet products contain IGF-1, but is warning all professional athletes to be aware of what could be in their foods and supplements.

He said all professional athletes need to be very aware of what is in the foods and supplements they consume.