31 Jan 2013

First person fined under copyright laws

9:55 am on 31 January 2013

A woman has been fined more than $600 for illegally downloading music in the first successful case under the new anti-piracy law.

The Copyright Amendment Act says anyone who receives three warnings for pirating music can be fined up to 15-thousand dollars.

The woman was twice warned for downloading Man Down by Rihanna, and once for downloading Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae.

She claimed she did not know it was illegal to download the first song and that no one in her house downloaded the second.

The Copyright Tribunal found in favour of the Recording Industry Association and fined the woman $6.57 cents for the two songs.

It added $360 as a deterrent and $250 to cover some of the association's costs.

Recording Industry Association managing director Chris Caddick says the ruling sends a clear message that illegal downloading has consequences.

Mr Caddick says 11 other cases are before the Copyright Tribunal and 6000 warning notices have been sent out.