2 Jan 2013

Alter-ego abandoned by triple-killer

8:03 am on 2 January 2013

A triple-murderer claims to have done away with his alter ego named 'Hell', a persona which he says urged him to kill women.

Hayden Poulter, 51, is serving three life sentences for the murders of two prostitutes and a massage parlour owner in 1996, plus an attempted murder and a rape.

In late 2011, the Parole Board said it was worried Poulter's 'Hell' personality might reappear in certain circumstances.

Since then, he has completed an adult sex offender treatment programme and says he now takes full responsibility for his offending.

Poulter said he adopted the Hell persona to avoid dealing with a variety of emotions - and says the alter-ego cannot return as it was never there in the first place.

He did not apply for an early release and will appear before the board again in a year.