18 Dec 2012

Vindictive teacher cleared to teach again

6:05 am on 18 December 2012

A school teacher who tried to hire a gang leader to asssault her principal has been cleared to teach again by the Teachers Council.

The woman was charged by police in 2010 with attempting to commit or procure grevious bodily harm against the principal and was granted diversion when she appeared in court.

In a written decision, the Teachers Council outlined how the teacher asked one of her students if she could arrange for a known gang leader, to threaten the principal.

The teacher told a colleague that the principal needed to be "capped" so that the school hierarchy would back off.

She was also charged with falsifying records and other misconduct.

The Teachers Council has imposed a series of conditions on her returning to teaching and has censured her.

The council said she had had serious health issues and both her parents had recently died. It says there is nothing to suggest her teaching ability is under question.