5 Dec 2012

Motueka school board convicted over student's death

10:05 pm on 5 December 2012

A school board of trustees has been convicted and ordered to pay $60,000 after a child was killed on the school grounds after a log rolled on him.

The logs were stacked on the grounds of Motueka High School earlier this year after five unsafe trees there were felled and cut into logs.

Glen Eric Takara Temiha-Barlow was playing on the stack with a group of students when one of the logs dislodged and killed him.

The board of trustees appeared in the Nelson District Court on Wednesday for breaching health and safety.

The Department of Labour says the board asked a staff member to stack the logs instead of a professional contractor when the school employee did not have training to carry out that job.

It says stacking logs requires an appropriate level of experience and it would have been best for the staff member to lay the logs on the ground.

Spokesperson Francois Barton says because of this, a tragic and unavoidable death occurred.