14 Nov 2012

Careful driving on oil slick advised

1:08 pm on 14 November 2012

Motorists travelling past Victoria University in Wellington on Wednesday are advised to drive with particular care as attempts are made to soak up oil that was spilled onto the road.

The scene in Kelburn.

The scene in Kelburn. Photo: RNZ

The spill stretches from Upland Road to Salamanca Road.

At least one car slid on the slippery surface and had to be towed after it damaged a wheel.

Absorbent drit has been spread on the road, which is meant to soak up the oil.

But Wellington City Council says the grit can also make the road surface slippery and advises motorists to drive very slowly.

The incident began when oil leaked from a truck just before 7.30am and spread downhill towards the city.