19 Oct 2012

Police will lay no further charges in Kahui case

3:14 pm on 19 October 2012

Police in South Auckland say no further charges will be laid in relation to the death of the Kahui twins.

Police reviewed their investigation into the deaths of Chris and Cru Kahui after coroner Garry Evans found the babies died from brain injuries suffered while in the sole care of their father, Chris Kahui.

Mr Kahui was found not guilty of killing the three-month-old boys, in a trial in 2008.

After an inquest in July this year, Mr Evans said Mr Kahui's evidence was ''lacking in credibility and not to be relied upon''.

The Counties Manukau police said on Thursday that following a comprehensive review of the evidence and the inquest, no more charges will be laid.

They say the case remains open and any new information will be reviewed.

Mr Kahui's lawyer, Lorraine Smith, says it is not a surprise the police came to the conclusion not to lay charges.

Ms Smith told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme her client cannot assist officers by looking for new information since she says he told them everything he knew before the trial, in which he was acquitted.

She says the re-litigation of trials in coroners' courts is not right, and undermines jury trials.

Ms Smith says this case will not go away until the twins' killer is found.