18 Oct 2012

Crowe says weakened immune system to blame for cancer

8:15 pm on 18 October 2012

Former New Zealand cricket star Martin Crowe, who has been diagnosed with cancer, says his travels as a cricketer may have compromised his immune system.

Crowe released a statement on Thursday confirming he has a form of cancer known as follicular lymphoma, which is a non-Hodgkins disease.

He said it is classified as grade two, which means it is a slow-growing disease in its mid stage, and affects his neck, armpits and stomach.

Crowe says the disease is not aggressive and is treatable. The method of fighting it will be decided after further tests and consultation in the next two weeks.

He says travel during his cricket career exposed him to salmonella and glandular fever, weakening his immune system.

Crowe - New Zealand's second highest test run-scorer - says he's overwhelmed by the support and concern of so many people around the world.