23 Dec 2008

Call for debate on more flexible school hours

12:05 pm on 23 December 2008

The School Trustees Association says it's time for a debate on school hours which could be more flexible to suit the needs of students.

The association, which represents almost 2700 school boards, says the debate could include whether schools should work 8am - 5pm.

Manager Ray Newport says school hours have been driven by the needs of teachers rather than the students and there could be benefits in having morning and afternoon sessions.

The Dominion Post reports on Tuesday that the suggested changes could make the school day longer.

Wellington High School principal Prue Kelly says traditional school hours constrain the way schools operate.

Wellington High School has been operating modified hours for their senior students for almost five years and Ms Kelly says they would like to take that further.

She told Nine to Noon that changing school hours can be implemented without much cost or disruption.