16 Aug 2012

'Significant P manufacture' still occuring

10:44 am on 16 August 2012

The National Drug Intelligence Bureau says the war on methamphetamine has not yet been won, despite a drop in seizures at the border.

In 2010 Customs officers seized 978kg of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine products, used to make methampetamine, compared with 107kg to June this year.

National Drug Intelligence Bureau coordinator Detective Inspector Stuart Mills says the drop doesn't mean P is on its way out. He says a large amount of precusor ingredients are still being brought into the country.

"This has been evidenced from what's been identified and used at clandestine labs throughout the country. There is still a large amount of methamphetamine manufacture occuring within New Zealand."

Ross Bell of the Drug Foundation says as long as there is a market for drugs, people will continue to manufacture them.

"Until we start addressing New Zealanders' demand for drugs ... we're going to have people trying to supply the market that we have."

Mr Bell says speed-like substances are becoming more popular in New Zealand.