9 Aug 2012

Dotcom's lawyer critical of police

8:58 pm on 9 August 2012

A lawyer for Kim Dotcom has criticised the police for taking evidence irrelevant to their investigation during a raid on the Megaupload founder's home.

A hearing at the High Court in Auckland is analysing the January raid, following a ruling that found the warrants were too broad, and therefore unlawful.

An analyst from the police electronic crime lab, Allan Langille has been giving evidence on Thursday about the computers and equipment he seized from the home.

Paul Davison QC put it to Mr Langille that because he did not have enough information about the investigation, he took a broad and inclusive approach with everything he took.

Mr Langille admitted this was the case, but said there was a significant amount of electronic gear that had to be taken away for analysis.

Earlier the lawyer says a detective responded pathetically to pleas for help from the Megaupload founder's pregnant wife during the raid on the couple's home.

Mr Davison said his client's wife, Mona Dotcom, was heavily pregnant with twins at the time of the raid.

Later she had mild contractions and asked for help as her cellphone and cars had been seized by police.

He asked Detective Sergeant Stephen Humphries, who was in charge of the search for evidence, why police did not drive Mrs Dotcom to hospital.

Detective Sergeant Humphries said he offered to call her specialist, or an ambulance instead, because police were not equipped to deal with it.

Mr Davison says the response was poor and pathetic.

Megaupload was indicted in a federal court in Virginia, USA, on 19 January this year and the site was shut down. Mr Dotcom and three co-accused were arrested in Auckland, New Zealand, the following day.

Formal papers requesting their extradition were lodged by the United States in early March. An extradition hearing is scheduled for next year.