26 Jul 2012

Non-speeding traffic offences revenue plummets

7:45 pm on 26 July 2012

The money collected from traffic offences not related to speed has fallen by nearly $55 million in two years.

Figures obtained under the Official Information Act show $89,941,000 was collected in traffic infringement fees, excluding speeding, last year. That compares with $144,772,000 in 2009.

Police say the reduction reflects changes in the way people are driving and changes to the penalties for a range of traffic offences.

A spokesperson says they involve a reduction in fines and increases in demerit points for offences related to graduated driver licences, noisy vehicles and registration and licensing.

The police also say the fall reflects the influence of the Government's Safer Journeys Strategy, which aims to ensure safer drivers in safer cars on safer roads.

Associate Transport Minister Simon Bridges agrees that the strategy has played a part. He says changing the mix of fines and demerit points has not been a bad thing.

Over the same two-year period, speed-related offence revenue fluctuated between $72 million and $83 million.