24 Jul 2012

Mansfield manuscripts found in London

10:46 am on 24 July 2012

A Katherine Mansfield scholar says the discovery of some of the writer's unpublished manuscripts is the stuff dreams are made of.

Three children's stories and a short story written more than 100 years ago, have been found in the archives at King's College in London by a PhD student who was working on a study into the Adam International Review, a literary magazine.

Dr Gerri Kimber from Northampton University and the New Zealand Mansfield scholar, Vincent O'Sullivan, had just finished a 1200 page collection of every fictional work written by Mansfield, when the works were found.

Dr Kimber says one of the stories sheds light on a difficult time in the writer's life when she gave birth to an illegitimate baby and embarked on an ill-fated marriage that lasted only one day.