18 Jul 2012

Lawyer being investigated

12:16 pm on 18 July 2012

The Law Society is investigating a lawyer for allegedly borrowing significant sums of money from clients.

John Milne has been employed in Christchurch for the Dunedin firm Craig Paddon Law for the past four years.

Three weeks ago Craig Paddon wrote to his clients saying he had recently discovered John Milne had been borrowing significant sums from some of them over many years.

The Law Society's rules forbid lawyers borrowing from their clients.

Mr Paddon says he believes about 40 clients are involved, many elderly.

He says Mr Milne tendered his resignation last month.

The Law Society says it cannot comment while a Lawyers Standards Committee investigates the matter.

But its records show Mr Milne no longer holds a practising certificate.

Mr Milne's lawyer, Duncan Webb, would say only that his client is cooperating fully and awaiting the findings of the investigation.