10 Jul 2012

Base-jumping defended

10:48 pm on 10 July 2012

ProBASE, an organisation which runs base-jumping competitions around the world, says it recognises that the sport is dangerous, but facts are provided to participants about the risks.

Alan McCandlish, 31, of New Zealand, died while taking part on Saturday morning. Police in Berne say he got too close to the cliff and fell.

He was jumping at the 2500 metre high peak Unteren Tatelishorn, southwest of Zurich.

It's near Lauterbrunnen, where 28 base jumping deaths have been recorded.

But ProBASE says that is out of about 20,000 jumps per year, for almost 20 years.

Spokesperson Justine Edde told Morning Report that while the sport can be dangerous, those who take part do so at their own risk and plenty of information is provided for all jumpers.