24 Jun 2012

Protest prisoners back in their cells

10:01 pm on 24 June 2012

Two prisoners who barricaded themselves in a tower at Auckland Prison are back in their cells.

The incident prompted a prison-wide lockdown for much of the weekend and the Corrections Departments says the men will face charges.

The prisoners scaled the tower during an exercise break on Friday morning.

The first man came down at about 1.30pm on Sunday.

The second indicated earlier that he was hungry and tired, but may have stayed until at least Monday.

However the Corrections Department says he too came down, just after 7pm on Sunday.

General manager of prison services Jeanette Burns says the prisoners are not happy with their placement within the prison.

Ms Burns says the department's position is that they are in the appropriate place given the nature of their offending.

She says the inmates have breached good order and security and will face internal charges.