22 Jun 2012

Police officer drove too fast during fatal pursuit

12:02 pm on 22 June 2012

An Independent Police Conduct Authority report on a fatal police pursuit in Auckland has found a police officer was driving at unjustified speeds of up to 150km per hour.

Api Kao Aue, 33, died after losing control of his vehicle in Mangere, in December 2010. He was more than twice the legal blood alcohol limit.

The pursuit began when he was seen driving dangerously in a residential area.

Less than 1km into the pursuit, the driver crashed his car into a steel pole, killing himself and seriously injuring his two passengers.

The IPCA says the police officer reached speeds of up to 150km per hour in a 60km speed zone.

It says the risk to the driver, police and the public when travelling at that speed outweighed the need to stop the vehicle.

However, the report says Mr Kao Aue was prepared to risk his life and the lives of others.

The IPCA made only one recommendation - that the police officer be reminded of the risks of pursuing at such a high speed.