22 Jun 2012

Mayor not swayed by poll against gallery

8:40 am on 22 June 2012

Whangarei Mayor Morris Cutforth says he's not concerned by a poll showing a majority of people don't want a Hundertwasser building in the city.

The Whangarei council is set to approve the $13 million gallery, envisioned by the late Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser, when it adopts a long term plan next week.

A survey of 450 people, commissioned by a councillor with doubts about the project, has found 62% opposed.

But Mr Cutforth says the same survey company predicted a close result when he ran for mayor and he won in a landslide.

Mr Cutforth is on record as saying he believes the silent majority of Whangarei people are in favour of the Hundertwasser project.

The council is budgeting to spend $8 million and hopes to get the remaining $5 million from elsewhere.