21 Jun 2012

SkyCity now allowing worker to carry Bible

9:30 am on 21 June 2012

SkyCity says a staff member who faced disciplinary action because she carried a pocket Bible will be allowed to carry it.

Tuni Parata was facing a hearing for possessing non-work related material during work hours after the book was found on a bathroom vanity in the Sky Tower while she was in a cubicle.

Her union, Unite, said she faced dismissal because the act was deemed to be serious misconduct.

The company has since issued a statement saying it regrets how the incident has played out and at no point was it deemed serious misconduct.

General manager of group services SkyCity manager Grainne Troute told Morning Report the company was working with Ms Parata to find a way for her to carry the Bible.

"I think it's been really upsetting for her to have Mike Treen from the Unite union say that her job was at risk around this. It never was."

Ms Troute says the company was always going to come to the conclusing that it has about the worker carrying the pocket Bible.

However Mr Treen says SkyCity's threat of a final written warning was an indication that Ms Parata's job was at risk.

He says SkyCity is trying to cover itself after it made a stupid decision to take action against Ms Parata, though he says in the end it made the right decision.

The union said a meeting has taken place during which the company confirmed there would be no disciplinary action and Ms Parata would be free to carry her Bible.