13 Jun 2012

Retrial begins for man accused of carpark murder

5:07 pm on 13 June 2012

The lawyer for a man accused of killing a woman after stealing her bag has told jurors his client is a thief, a bag snatcher and a coward - but it is for them to decide if he is a murderer.

Christopher Shadrock is being retried in the Auckland High Court for the murder of Joanne Wang at a supermarket carpark in Manukau, South Auckland, in July 2008.

Four other men are accused of destroying evidence.

In opening submissions, Crown prosecutor Kevin Glubb told the court on Wednesday the accused snatched the 39-year-old's bag and made for a stolen four-wheel-drive.

Mr Glubb says Mrs Wang chased Mr Shadrock and stood in front of the vehicle to stop it, before he accelerated heavily, knocking her to the ground.

The court was told the accused accelerated without hesitation and purposely hit her to facilitate his escape.

Joanne Wang later died in hospital.

However, the defence told the court the possibility that Mrs Wang could die never entered Mr Shadrock's mind.

Defence lawyer Chris Wilkinson-Smith told the jury the nub of the case is whether Mrs Wang was killed with murderous intent.