12 Jun 2012

Auckland public place smoking ban considered

5:35 am on 12 June 2012

Smoking could soon be stubbed out in nearly all public places in Auckland if a recommendation to a council committee is adopted.

The Parks Recreation and Heritage Forum will on Tuesday consider a proposal to ban smoking in parks, stadiums, sports fields and playgrounds, which could eventually be extended to other public places.

Smoking is already banned at some public sites including Auckland Zoo, Eden Park and Mt Smart Stadium.

The recommendation to the committee suggests the ban be widened to council-led events, and council controlled outdoor areas such as malls and civic squares.

The policy, if adopted, would not be regulated, and the community would be relied on to comply with it.

Forum chair, councillor Sandra Coney, says several stadiums already have smoke-free policies which are clearly signposted.

Sandra Coney says the report will be passed to the Regional Development and Operations Committee before going ahead.

Auckland Council wants all public spaces to be smoke-free by 2025.