1 Jun 2012

Fears disabled students won't get required help

8:41 pm on 1 June 2012

Disability advocates are worried the Government's plans to increase class sizes will harm the learning of students who need more help in the classroom.

The policy change in last week's Budget will mean job losses among teachers and larger class sizes.

CCS Disability Action's acting chief executive Kate Cosgriff says not all disabled students have teacher aides, and their teachers need time to make individual plans for them.

"Our experience is that many disabled children require educational strategies that take teacher time and the formula for success and learning for all kids is about attitude, skills and time and disabled children do indeed often need more time.

So if class sizes increase, some of the progress that we're making in terms of inclusive education for disabled children will be undone."

The Education Ministry says students with disabilities get extra support and services in the classroom and that will continue.