28 May 2012

Shipton loses bid to dump all parole conditions

4:00 pm on 28 May 2012

A convicted rapist and former police officer has lost a bid to get all of his parole conditions revoked.

Brad Shipton was released from jail in 2008, three years into an eight-and-a-half year sentence for his part in a pack rape of a woman at Mt Maunganui in 1989.

Shipton's parole conditions require him to report to a probation officer once a fortnight, not contact his victim or co-offenders and live at an approved address.

However, he says the restraints are unnecessary and asked the Parole Board to remove them.

The Probation Service opposed the application, as did Shipton's victim, whose name is suppressed.

The board on Monday ruled that reporting to probation is an ordinary consequence of parole and Shipton must continue to do so.

Shipton is now allowed contact with his co-offenders and is free to speak publicly about his case, although he has not indicated any desire to do so.