18 May 2012

Council resiles from plan to tip quake asbestos

2:22 pm on 18 May 2012

Christchurch City Council has scrapped plans to dump 5000 tonnes of waste containing asbestos in the city's Burwood landfill because of concerned nearby residents.

Council water and waste unit manager Mark Christison says the old water and sewer pipes will now be dumped in the more remote Kate Valley landfill in North Canterbury.

Mr Christison says while the asbestos would have been safely disposed of in the Burwood landfill, concerns voiced by locals at a recent public meeting couldn't be ignored.

The chair of the Burwood/Pegasus community board Linda Stewart says while the council reassured residents the asbestos would be contained in bags before it is taken to the landfill, there is still a chance of accidental exposure.

Consent applications for dumping other earthquake rubble in the Burwood landfill are still going ahead, but will not include the disposal of asbestos, says Mr Christison.

A letter about the decision will be sent to stakeholders and residents in the next few days.