30 Apr 2012

Pullar says she recorded ACC meeting

10:44 pm on 30 April 2012

The woman at the centre of an ACC privacy row has revealed she recorded a meeting with corporation staff and says it backs her version of events.

Bronwyn Pullar was mistakenly emailed details of more than 6000 ACC claimants and raised the privacy breach with two staff from the Accident Compensation Corporation at a meeting in December last year.

Just what was said at that meeting is being investigated by police, after ACC laid a complaint.

The corporation claims Ms Pullar threatened to go to the media about the privacy breach, unless she was guaranteed a benefit for two years.

Ms Pullar released a statement on Monday again rejecting that. She says the ACC has heard a full recording of the meeting and has refused to correct the claim. She will not release the recording, saying it contains sensitive health information.

Police will not confirm whether they have a copy of any recording, but say their investigation is continuing.

Labour's ACC spokesperson Andrew Little says it is still unclear what was said at the meeting.

"If this does anything, it highlights the need for the official inquiries that are under way to accelerate their work so that we can get some information from reliable and credible sources about what is most likely to have happened so we can start putting the factual issues to bed."

Neither ACC Minister Judith Collins nor ACC will comment while the inquiries continue. Prime Minister John Key says it should be left to police to investigate what was said.