25 Apr 2012

Murder accused 'asked how he should kill'

10:45 am on 25 April 2012

A friend of the man accused of murdering his New Zealand girlfriend has told a British court that Elliot Turner fantasised about killing 17-year-old Emily Longley.

Elliot Turner, 20, is on trial at at Winchester Crown Court in Hampshire.

Ms Longley was found dead in his bedroom in Bournemouth last May.

Tom Crowe told jurors that he and Elliot Turner had practised strangling each other in what he described as "horseplay", after the accused had asked him how he should kill Emily.

Mr Crowe, 18, said Mr Turner asked him whether he should set fire to her in the bedroom or drown her in a bathtub, the BBC reports.

Mr Crowe told the jury that minutes before Elliot Turner went inside his house with Miss Longley on the night before she was found dead, the defendant had given him a metal lump hammer and asked him to kill her.

He said he had refused. The couple had then argued before going inside the house.