23 Apr 2012

Lesbian couple 'kicked out of bar for kissing'

7:43 pm on 23 April 2012

Two Wellington women are making a complaint to the Human Rights Commission because they say they were evicted from a central city bar for kissing.

The lesbian couple say a staff member at Public Bar on Courtenay Place asked them to leave early on Sunday after the kiss.

Rebekha Gailbraith says a man she believes was a doorman told her and her girlfriend to leave the bar after they kissed briefly.

The 22-year-old Victoria University student says it was a two-second peck, not inappropriate and something she would do in a church.

Ms Gailbraith says she said to the man who evicted them that the same thing would not have happened to a straight couple, and he agreed, but said he wished it could be different.

She believes bar management is not to blame and and wants an apology from the man whom she believes decided himself to kick them out.

But the owner of bar says the couple were behaving inappropriately while sitting on a dinner table and were asked to tone it down or leave.

Gina Millas is upset that Rebekha Gailbraith accused her and the bar of homophobia - especially before even contacting her - and says and a heterosexual couple would have been evicted for the same behaviour.

The Human Rights Commission has yet to receive a complaint.