8 Apr 2012

Man drowns trapped under waterfall

9:23 pm on 8 April 2012

A 27-year-old man has drowned near Waihi after he became trapped underneath a waterfall.

Police say the man was part of a group swimming below the Waitawheta Rd falls in Waikino Gorge about 12pm on Sunday when he became trapped underwater by the current.

A police highway patrol officer arrived eight minutes after emergency help was called for, and assisted three people who had been trying to rescue the man from the water.

The officer then entered the water again with a rope obtained from a passing motorist.

With the assistance of another man, the victim was located and pulled to the riverbank.

CPR was started and ambulance staff continued attempts to save the man.

However, he could not be resuscitated.

Police have been speaking with other members of the group to clarify the circumstances leading up to the drowning.