19 Mar 2012

Fisherman charged with selling black market lobster

3:24 pm on 19 March 2012

A commercial fishing boat, a vehicle and 60 rock lobster pots have been seized from a fisherman in Christchurch who is alleged to have been involved in black market sales of rock lobster.

The seizure follows a four month's of surveillance of a fisherman accused of having sold a significant number of rock lobster directly to the public around Christchurch.

The rock lobster industry says allegations a commercial fisherman is involved in black market sales of rock lobster are extremely disappointing.

Daryl Sykes executive officer from the Rock Lobster Industry Council says he is angry and embarrassed that it appears the man is a commercial fisherman.

He says while black market sales are not that unusual, this is the first time in a very long time that he has heard of a commercial fisher being involved.