16 Mar 2012

'A really bad dream' - kidnapped driver

10:23 am on 16 March 2012

The truck driver who was abducted and stabbed in Christchurch has described her ordeal as like a bad dream.

A 27-year-old man is under police guard in hospital, having been shot by police after a council worker was repeatedly stabbed and truck driver Marteine Robin injured in the Christchurch suburb of Hillmorton on Thursday.

Ms Robin told Morning Report a man she thought was hitch-hiking threw a stick at her food delivery truck as she pulled up at Redwood Primary School to drop off pies.

When she arrived at the school she saw the man in the rear vision mirror but it was too late to lock the door.

She said he jumped in and ordered her to drive.

"I told him to get the f-ing out of my truck," she said. "He just said 'drive', and he had the knife at the base of my neck for a while."

Ms Robin said she threatened to speed and brake and put him through the windscreen, but in the end decided to keep driving as she thought that way she would get out of the situation alive.

"He had that knife on me the whole time I was driving.

"He said he had issues, and I turned round and said 'everybody's got issues, deal with it'."

Ms Robin said the man heard a fire engine siren and told her not to stop if a cop tried to stop her.

She said: "I will stop and hopefully he shoots your arse."

About five minutes later she was stabbed in the shoulder - but initially thought she had been punched. She managed to keep driving "with gritted teeth" as her arm was very sore.

A day later, she was still thinking it was a bad dream and she might wake up.