11 Mar 2012

300 storm-hit customers still without power

2:18 pm on 11 March 2012

Around 300 properties remain without power following last weekend's extreme winds which wrought havoc in South Taranaki and Wanganui.

Powerco which is working to reconnect those properties say most are in remote areas of Wanganui, Patea, Waverley and the Waitotara Valley where damage to the network is the most severe.

The company says a number won't have power restored until later in the week.

Powerco says crews have been working to remove fallen lines and make them safe, and anyone who comes across downed lines should treat them as live and stay away.

The company says it is possible in some cases, once the main power lines have been repaired, some people may still have only partial power supplies.

Anyone in that situation should notify their power retailer.

Powerco says people without power should turn their mains off if they leave their property while waiting for supply to be restored.

The storm from early last Saturday brought down 600 power lines and destroyed transformers.