9 Oct 2010

Brown elected Auckland's first super city mayor

9:31 pm on 9 October 2010

Auckland's first super city mayor will be Len Brown.

Outgoing Manukau City Mayor Len Brown received 221,000 votes with his nearest rival Auckland City mayor John Banks receiving 161,000 votes, with almost 95% of the vote counted.

The third placing candidate is businessman Colin Craig with 40,483 votes and North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams came fourth with 3813 votes.

In a passionate victory speech, Mr Brown has said he'll bring together every part of the new city, saying it has a united people, which is also diverse and multi-ethnic.

He said he is very proud to be the mayor for all of Auckland.

Mr Brown also reached out to the rest of New Zealand, saying Auckland wants to work with it.

He said he hoped that the will of Auckland, as expressed through the people in overwhelming voter support, is listened and adhered to.

PM expects positive relationship with Brown

Prime Minister John Key says he is looking forward to a positive relationship with Auckland's new mayor despite them being of different political persuasions.

He says Mr Brown ran a good, disciplined campaign and the Government will work with him on his vision for the city.

Mr Key says he is confident he can do a good job and the Government will work alongside him in a constructive relationship.

He says he does not believe the election of a left-leaning mayor sends a signal about voter intentions in next year's general elections.

Banks respects decision

Mr Banks says the people have spoken and he respects their decision. He congratulated Mr Brown on a superb campaign for his perseverance, tenacity and commitment.

Mr Banks says Mr Brown has his total support, in what will be a very difficult challenge of uniting a greater Auckland.

"I've given him my assurance that he has my total support as he goes ahead in this very difficult challenge of uniting a greater Auckland and being the first leader. So well done to Mayor Len Brown."

Mr Banks says it has been a long hard road over the last 18 months, but he has been privileged to be the 39th and last Mayor of Auckland City.

Super city council

Len Brown will take office as new mayor on 1 November when the new Auckland council comes into being, replacing eight existing councils.

He will lead a mixed 20 seat council made up mainly of Independents.

The centre-right group Citizens and Ratepayers has secured five seats for former North Shore mayor George Wood, past Auckland City mayor Christine Fletcher, Howick's Jami Lee Ross, Avondale's Noelene Raffils, and Franklin's Des Morrison.

The centre-left City Vision and Labour alliance secured three seats, for Cathy Casey, Richard Northey and Alf Filipaina.

The remaining twelve councillors all stood as Independents, including the former Auckland Regional Council chairman Mike Lee, outgoing Rodney mayor Penny Webster, and outgoing Papakura mayor Callum Penrose.

The remaining councillors are Cameron Brewer in Orakei, Michael Goudie and Wayne Walker in Albany, former Labour MP Ann Hartley on the North Shore, Penny Hulse and Sandra Coney in Waitakere, and Sharon Stewart in Howick, Sir John Walker in Manurewa-Papakura, and Arthur Anae in Manukau.