28 Aug 2014

National gains, NZ First at 5% - poll

5:46 pm on 28 August 2014

Despite two weeks of fallout from the Dirty Politics book, the latest Herald-Digi poll out this afternoon shows support for National rising, and support for Labour and the Greens falling.

The latest Herald-Digi poll shows support for National rising, and Labour and the Greens falling.

It also puts New Zealand First at 5 percent support, enough to get list MPs elected to Parliament.

The poll has National at 50.7 percent, up 0.7 points from last week. Labour is on 24.1 percent, down 1.1, and the Greens are on 11.4 percent, down 2.3.

As well as the increase for New Zealand First, Internet Mana is up 1.3 percent to 3.4.

The poll also has the Conservative Party up slightly to 3.3 percent, compared with a 3 News poll out last night putting them closer to the 5 percent threshold at 4.6 percent.

That poll showed support for National and Labour falling to 45 and 26.4 percent, respectively.

Tonight, the leaders of National and Labour go head-to-head on their first television campaign debate on Television New Zealand.