28 Nov 2011

Result showed groundswell of support, say Conservatives

6:05 pm on 28 November 2011

The leader of the new Conservative Party says by next election his party will be one National will have to talk to.

Colin Craig's party got twice as many votes as ACT, although at just under 3% failed to get anyone into Parliament.

Mr Craig stood in Rodney where he was comprehensively beaten by National.

He spent $1 million of his own money on the party's campaign and says in just a few weeks has attracted more than 3000 members.

"The fact is we've got a genuine groundswell of support," he told Radio New Zealand's Checkpoint programme.

"There are people who are saying 'those guys are saying what I'm thinking'."

He said the party would need to attract another 40,000 or so voters, but since it has three years rather than three months, he thinks that's achievable.