24 Nov 2011

Masked protesters storm into election meeting

3:54 pm on 24 November 2011

An election candidates' meeting in Christchurch was disrupted by a dozen masked protesters on Tuesday night.

The group, wearing camouflage gear, scarves and balaclavas, was led by former National Front director Kyle Chapman.


Sitting Christchurch Central MP Brendon Burns, who was one of the candidates, said it had been a run of the mill meeting until it was abruptly invaded about half-way through.

Mr Burns told Morning Report the leader of the group began addressing the meeting over a megaphone.

"It was somewhat incoherent and rambing for the couple of minutes that he spoke, and a couple of us attempted to intervene and were given the backs of a couple of burly blokes to stop us intervening."

He said the mesage was something to the effect that current politicians are not serving the people and that the revolution is coming. The group distributed a pamphlet about white people being suppressed, he said.

Mr Burns says the group was there for only a few minutes but caused confusion and some fear among the 50 to 60 people in the audience.

He said people at the meeting were bemused and a little frightened and most thought that if the group wanted to have a say they should be standing for parliament, not trying to gatecrash, bully and initmidate them.

Mr Burns said he understands a complaint could be made to the police.

On Wednesday morning, Christchurch police said they were not aware of any of complaints having been laid.