31 Oct 2011

Winston Peters in billboard spat

6:29 pm on 31 October 2011

A spat has broken out between New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and the front person for the anti-MMP campaign.

Mr Peters is to be the reluctant poster boy for the campaign Vote for Change.

The New Zealand First leader's photo is to feature on billboards which go up later this week with the question "trust Winston to chose the next PM?"

Mr Peters has taken exception, saying Vote for Change is elitist, and on Sunday sent out an angry media release accusing the campaign's spokesperson, Jordon Williams, of needing media attention.

He says Mr Williams is a "pimple on the face of the body politic".

Jordon Williams has hit back saying the New Zealand First leader represents everything that is wrong with the current electoral system and that Mr Peters is resorting to innuendo and attacks.

Mr Williams has challenged the New Zealand First leader to a live television debate.