Shooters in with medal chances

6:55 am on 13 October 2010

The New Zealand shooting team has emerged with two medal prospects at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

Fullbore pair Mike Collings and John Snowden lie in second place in the pairs, with only the final stage over 1000 yards remaining.

In the singles, Collings is one point off the lead in fifth place on Tuesday after a frustrating day in which target problems forced him to reshoot his entire 900 yard series.

Electronic target malfunction meant hits were not being recorded, or were incorrectly registered, with the same shot placement appearing throughout the day.

Collings was among those forced to retake their shoots.

Meanwhile, Ryan Taylor and Adrian Black have finished eighth in the men's 50m rifle prone pairs final.

Taylor shot 588 from his six series, while Black had a bit more difficulty, shooting 578 to bring their total to 1166.

The Scotland pair won the event with a total of 1181.

Earlier, the New Zealand women also finished in the middle of the field in the 50m rifle prone singles final.

Sally Johnston finished ninth in the 21-strong field, shooting a total of 586 after a shaky start, while Juliet Etherington finished one point behind in 11th.