14 Nov 2023

Motorcyclists' close call with logging trucks caught on camera

4:48 pm on 14 November 2023
Two motorcyclists narrowly avoid a collision with a logging truck, near Picton.

Two motorcyclists narrowly avoid a collision with a logging truck, near Picton. Photo: Stuart Drummond Transport / supplied

A logging company is urging motorists to be more patient after two motorbikes nearly collided with one of their trucks.

Stuart Drummond Transport posted footage of the close call on its Facebook page.

It shows one of the company's drivers heading to a logging operation near Picton on Monday when two motorbikes overtook it.

Another of the company's logging trucks with a full load was coming the other way and there was nearly a head-on collision.

Company spokesperson Brodie Drummond said it was a really dangerous road, and frustrating to see drivers taking unnecessary risks.

"The scary thing for us is that we are driving log trucks and they tend to get a lot of airtime in the media when things go wrong, so you can just imagine if something had happened on Monday, then everyone not understanding the full story would have thought the log truck was to blame.

"We all make mistakes, but that could have resulted in a Christmas present no one wanted."

Drummond said most of the company's trucks' dash cams capture an incident almost every week.

"There's varying degrees of severity, but we're very lucky with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Programme here - they follow up with us and the vehicle owner and discuss why and how it happened.

"We've had a couple recently where they've been taken to court and charged."

He said going into summer when more people are out on the roads, it was a timely reminder for people to slow down and think twice before overtaking.

"Our advice is not to point the finger at the individual person - but it's about thinking about everyone else. If there was an accident, the truck driver also has to live with that for the rest of their life.

"There are repercussions for everyone involved, so we just need to think about what we're doing before we overtake so we can all get home safe."

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