10 Nov 2017

Butcher hopes to smash world record with a banger

6:42 am on 10 November 2017

A Christchurch butcher will today try for the world record for making the most sausages in 60 seconds.

Corey Winder linking sausages

Corey Winder linking sausages. Photo: Supplied

Corey Winder, who has been a butcher for over 20 years, needs to make over 78 to take the Guinness World Record.

He said the key to success is having a very fast sausage filler to get the meat into the skin as quickly as possible.

"And then get the hands going as fast as they can possibly go and just link like there is no tomorrow."

He is confident of success after much practice.

"Sausages are flying out and we are making plenty so I am doing quite a bit."

Mr Winder said he is backing himself and is aiming to beat the record.

The criteria the judges are looking for is quite tough.

"The minimum length of the sausage 10.16cm, so you can't just link to any length that you want, there is requirements, they have to be consistent.

"There is a lot of skill in it."

The sausage making world record attempt will be held in Auckland this afternoon.

Mr Winder will not know if he has been successful for another couple of months as the attempt is being filmed with official timekeepers and witnesses to satisfy the Guinness World Record governing body.

The evidence has to be reviewed and then confirmed.