20 Oct 2017

Supreme sausage winner a dark horse

11:54 am on 20 October 2017

A "chocolatey" black pudding sausage has taken out the Supreme Award in the Great New Zealand Sausage competition.

Sausages lined up for judging at the Great New Zealand Sausage Competition

Sausages lined up for judging at the Great New Zealand Sausage Competition Photo: Supplied

Akaroa Butchery and Deli's Brendan Foster made the winning Boudin Noir sausage, which beat more than 500 other entries.

Mr Foster said the win was a huge surprise, because it was a gamble entering a black pudding sausage rather than a more traditional style.

"We are really excited about this result. Black pudding or in this case, Boudin Noir, is a polarising sausage," he said.

"Some won't touch it with a barge-pole while others love it - and then there are those who think it falls into the superfood category."

The sausage was made in the south-west France style.

"We cure a pig's head ... cook that, cut it up and put it in," he said.

"Venison blood has been a bit of a revelation for us for the flavour... it's really chocolatey and velvet, and a really wholesome sort of flavour."

Other top winners included Ashby's Butchery in Christchurch, who won the 'Wildcard Award' with their Pepperoni Bierstick, and the Mad Butcher in Albany Auckland who claimed the 'People's Choice Award' with their Chicken, Pumpkin and Feta sausage.

Eastbourne Village Meats won the gold award in the beef category, Hellers took out the gold in the pork section, and the Mad Butcher's Chicken, Pumpkin & Feta sausage was judged to be the top poultry sausage.

The winning sizzler

The winning sausage Photo: Supplied