23 Nov 2023

Pro-Palestine group throws red paint at Christopher Luxon, David Seymour offices

9:35 am on 23 November 2023
Pro=Palestine group splashes red paint on Christopher Luxon's office building in Auckland overnight.

The paint on National leader Christopher Luxon's office. Photo: SUPPLIED

This story was updated to clarify the number of Palestinians and Israelis killed since 7 October.

The incoming prime minister's office is one of a number of Auckland buildings vandalised by a pro-Palestine group in a call for politicians to support a ceasefire of the conflict in Gaza.

Tāmaki for Palestine splashed red paint on the buildings of six National MPs and ACT leader David Seymour's office overnight.

It is calling the incoming government a "coalition of complicity" for failing to call for a ceasefire or condemn Israel's actions.

It said the red paint represents the blood on their hands for the deaths of thousands in Gaza.

The office of National Party MPs Paul Goldsmith and Melissa Lee has been vandalised with a pro-Palestine group throwing red paint on the building and signs to represent blood as it calls for the party to condemn Israel's actions and join the call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Photo: RNZ / Katie Fitzgerald

Among the National Party offices vandalised were Christopher Luxon's, Judith Collins', and Paul Goldsmith's.

Collins told RNZ she was disgusted and annoyed at the attack on her office, especially because there has been some movement in the situation in the past few days.

The National Party said it supported the rights of individuals and groups to express their view freely.

"But everyone should do so legally, respectfully and peacefully," a spokesperson said.

A person could be seen cleaning the red paint off of Luxon's office earlier this morning.

National party leader Christopher Luxon's Auckland office is being cleaned after a pro-Palestine group threw red paint on it to represent blood as it calls for the party to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Christopher Luxon's office is cleaned on Thursday morning. Photo: RNZ / Katie Fitzgerald

Last week, the group did a similar act, vandalising the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the US Consulate offices.

One person was arrested.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that Israel's government and Hamas had agreed to pause fighting for four days to allow 50 hostages held in Gaza to be released in exchange for 150 imprisoned Palestinians in Israel.

The war erupted after Islamist militant group Hamas entered Israel on 7 October and launched an attack.

According to the BBC, the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza said about 12,000 Palestinians had been killed, while Israel's death toll was 1200.

Police have been contacted for comment.

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