Sumner residents want progress on rockfall issue

10:40 am on 28 February 2012

Some people in Christchurch say they want the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority to take over removing rockfall hazards from Port Hills properties because Christchurch City Council has been too slow to take action.

Some 500 properties in the Port Hills have been deemed unsafe to live in due to the risk of rockfall.

At a community meeting in the suburb of Sumner on Monday, many residents said the council was not dealing with the issue fast enough.

Sumner resident Kim Preston is one of those barred from his house due to the risk of rockfall.

He says residents have seen little action on the issue over the last year so the Government and CERA need to get more involved.

CERA chief executive Roger Sutton said he could not say when work would get underway on rockfall protection, how much will go up or how it will be paid for.

However he said the issue had not been ignored and the work is being done in parallel with zoning work.