Building quake-reslient systems needs innovation

10:06 am on 13 July 2011

Some of those leading the rebuilding of Christchurch's infrastructure say sensible planning and innovation are more important than more money in building a resilient system.

The Government's second national infrastructure plan requires new projects to be more resilient in light of the Canterbury earthquakes.

Christchurch City Council manager of water and waste Mark Christison says improvements to the sewerage system need to involve the field crews who have seen how materials actually respond in an emergency, as well input from scientists and asset and design engineers.

He says greater reslience could be achieved by replacing older style pipes with new more flexible material, along with other measures.

Lines company Orion spokesperson Rob Jamieson says targeted investment will make the most difference.

He says Orion's upgrades to its 50 substations proved essential in restoring power in Christchurch.

Earthquake recovery 'milestone'

Meanwhile, Orion says it is approaching a major milestone in its earthquake recovery by installing a new state-of-the-art computer system to help protect its network in Christchurch.

Since the 22 February quake, Orion has been operating out of the company's building in the cordoned-off, inner-city red zone.

Orion says it has been looking for a robust, portable system to protect the network and monitoring equipment, so it can be moved easily if and when it relocates to a new site.

The 15-tonne, German-made computer arrived at Lyttelton Port in the weekend, and is now being installed.