Community forum members named

12:24 pm on 25 June 2011

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has announced the make-up of a community forum to provide him with local advice.

The forum consists of 38 members including the chairman of the Canterbury Communities' Earthquake Recovery Network (CanCERN), Tom McBrearty.

Other members include Council of Trade Union earthquake co-ordinator Marty Braithwaite, Ballantynes department store managing director Richard Ballantyne and CCS Disability Action national manager Ruth Jones.

Mr Brownlee says the forum was established after 230 nominations were received from community and special interest groups, individuals, and local MPs.

The community forum members are: Sally Ansley, Lynne Ball, Richard Ballantyne, Marty Braithwaite, Ross Brereton, Glenda Burt, Leah Carr, Joseph Chamberlain, Belinda Charteris, Weng Kei Chen, Gill Cox, Leanne Curtis, Martin Evans, Rachael Fonotia, Kath Fox, Wendy Gilchrest, Maria Godinet-Watts, Linton Gray, Ruth Jones, Paul Lonsdale, Tom McBrearty, Deborah McCormick, Trevor McIntyre, Lesley Murdoch, Jocelyn Papprill, Faye Parfitt, Brian Parker, John Peet, Bruce Russell, Patricia Siataga, Walter Stone, Emma Twaddle, Suzanne Vallance, Brian Vieceli, Rachel Vogan, Steve Wakefield, Siong Sah (John) Wong, and Darren Wright.