Architect calls for re-think of Christchurch roads

7:30 pm on 23 March 2011

Leading architect Ian Athfield say Christchurch's one-way roading network should be scrapped when the rebuilding of the city begins.

Mr Athfield was appointed the architectural ambassador for Christchurch by the New Zealand Institute of Architects after the 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Canterbury on 4 September last year.

A 6.3-magnitude quake on 22 February has now destroyed much of the central city and caused damage to many roads.

Mr Athfield says the rebuild will require more than just establishing new buildings, and transport, traffic and infrastructure need to be high on the agenda.

He says the current one-way road system in central Christchurch does not work because it is designed to take people through the central city rather than into it.

Mr Athfield says the bus system will also need to be re-designed to help people into the city, not through it.

Mayor Bob Parker says the one-way street system will be reviewed when the rebuilding begins.

Mr Parker says he is not a fan of the one-way streets either, and understands Mr Athfield's concerns.

Though changes will be considered, the council can not say whether scrapping the one-way system will be the best option, he says.